Blockchain-Powered Global Trade Bringing Efficiency, Trust & Transparency to Global Trade

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Vendor Verification

Vendor Verification

  • Create a digital company identity
  • Build company reputation & increase customer trust
  • Eliminate redundant & expensive onboarding costs
  • Validate environmental & social certifications
Merchandise Inspection & Authentication

Merchandise Inspection & Authentication

  • Quantity and quality confirmation among all parties
  • Reduce process & paperwork
  • Brand provenance & reduce counterfeit risk
  • Reduce claims & dispute resolution time and costs
Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

  • Digitize shipment documentation
  • Real-time document-sharing among all parties
  • Transparency & traceability of shipment
  • Reduce processing time & costs

Transforming Trade

TradeFlo is transforming global trade with the power of blockchain by creating a trusted network for international trade, decreasing time and expenses for vendor onboarding and coordination, while increasing transparency and improving overall efficiency.


Government, banking, & social compliance are validated.


Once validated, companies can build trusted trading relationships for profitability & growth.


TradeFlo facilitates secure multi-party coordination and data-sharing. Buyers and suppliers have full transparency of transaction documentation and workflow.

Opening Opportunities

While the value of merchandise trade was up 10% to US$ 19.48 trillion in 2018 (WTO), it remains difficult for companies to establish trusted trading relationships with partners in new markets. With Tradeflo, companies can establish trust and transact more quickly.

For Buyers

  • Verify vendor data, including social & environmental compliance
  • Shorten due diligence
  • Establish quality, quantity, brand provenance & title
  • Track shipments
  • Supplier Scoring
Opening Opportunities

For Suppliers

  • Create a verified Digital Identity to share with buyers
  • Faster buyer approval
  • Coordinate inspection & authentication
  • Harmonize shipping documents
  • Build reputation & earn rewards

Blockchain for Good

At TradeFlo, we are committed to the democratization of global trade and expanding access for all to the global economy. With blockchain technology, we are now able to build and grow a secure, trusted, and transparent ecosystem for international trade. Through Tradeflo, companies around the world can begin to access and participate in the global economy and as they grow, the communities and nations they are a part of can also expand and develop.

Unleashing Innovative Trade Finance

TradeFlo offers a tokenized trade finance marketplace allowing members to access trade financing from alternative lenders. TradeFlo Trade Finance offers a new asset class for investors and bridges the $1.6T trade financing gap for companies worldwide and particularly in emerging markets.

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