Blockchain-Powered Global Trade

Security and Trust in International Trade

End-to-End Blockchain-Powered Trade Facilitation

TradeFlo brings security and trust to international trade transactions. TradeFlo is an end-to-end blockchain trade facilitation platform for vendor verification, merchandise authentication, and shipment tracking. TradeFlo allows multiple parties engaged in an international trade transacttion to in interact through a transparent and flexible blockchain platform powered by smart contact, which ensure security and trust.

The ecosystem also allows companies to build their identity over time, thus giving greater access to partners and services and facilitating companies in finding trusted trading partners in new markets.

TradeFlo enables its members to be verified, establishing a trusted digital vendor identity stored securely on the ledger. Merchandise inspection and authentication data, including documentation, videos, and photos are stored on the shared ledger.

Increasing Efficiency

TradeFlo decreases transaction and coordination costs for payments, inspection, and shipping while increasing transparency, decreasing risk management costs, and improving overall efficiency.

Building a Transparent Ecosystem for Global Trade

Through TradeFlo, international buyers can more quickly and easily verify and onboard new trading partners, particularly in emerging markets. All parties, including the buyer, seller, lender, and shipper, can track shipments through the blockchain platform, with shipping and customs documentation housed and shared on the ledger. They can then track the transactions and over time, suppliers can build their ratings and trading profiles based on transaction success.

Expanding Global Trade, Creating Global Growth

Tradeflo believes that by leveraging state-of-the art blockchain technology, we can rebuild the way in which global trade is conducted in an aim to include many more suppliers, vendors, buyers, sellers, finance partners, transportation agents and others, while providing access to the financing needed to both start and conduct business on a global scale.

Access to Trade Finance

Establishing a vendor identity and building a credit risk profile offers emerging market companies to access trade financing from international or national lenders to increase the volume and velocity of their transactions. Once a deal has been negotiated, lenders around the world can review the deal terms, the profiles of both parties involved, the merchandise being shipped, and offer a financing package, which may include holding title to the goods until merchandise has arrived to the buyer in order to mitigate risk. All parties, including the buyer, seller, and lender, can track the entire shipment through the blockchain platform and all shipping and customs documentation are housed on the ledger.

Democratizing Global Trade

Ultimately, Tradeflo is about the democratization of global trade and expanding access for all to the global economy. True globalization brings global growth. Until now, a large percentage of the world’s population has not been able to participate in the global economy due to inability to access new markets, lack of trust of new trading partners, inability to authenticate or inspect merchandise, archaic currency and banking controls, lack of access to financing, complex customs paperwork and trade regime requirements, and lack of knowledge of international shipping.International trade starts with access but it only grows with trust. With blockchain technology, we are now able to build and grow a secure, trusted, and transparent ecosystem for international trade. Through Tradeflo, companies around the world can begin to access and participate in the global economy and as they grow, the communities and nations they are a part of can also expand and develop.

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